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If you are certain that a permanent hire (FTE) is the best solution for you and you aren’t finding the right candidates, bringing in temporary support such as a Contractor or an Interim Manager while you are recruiting for your role, allows you the time and perspective to ensure you make the right hire. It relieves you of the pressure that comes when you have an urgent vacancy and takes away the additional stress you or your team members face when forced to cover the gap by working longer hours.

Interims represent a significant percentage of today’s working population around the globe and there are advantages in the areas of cost, flexibility, performance and management.

Cost Advantages

  • Employment costs and administration
  • Benefit costs and administration
  • Sickness / Absence
  • Training and development
  • Buy in specific knowledge and skills only when it’s needed


  • Ramp up or cut back on your staffing levels based on demand
  • Contractor hiring process significantly faster than permanent hiring. In some cases it takes only a few days to have someone on board
  • Easy to terminate or extend contractor services

Performance & Fit

  • You can try before you buy in that if performance is not satisfactory, you can take remedial action quickly
  • You can evaluate Contractor performance and team/cultural fit with very little risk
  • You have an opportunity to evaluate the Contractor against a permanent role if applicable
  • You can obtain specialised skills for a specific project. For example, launch experience or specific therapeutic experience


  • HR support from the Contractor provider
  • Problems resolution from the Contractor provider

Good interims will be up to speed from the moment they step foot into your company, and will bring the key skills you need. While hiring Freelancers used to be standard practice, this has changed over recent years as regulations have been tightened and companies are now being held accountable from the freelancer’s social deductions and tax payments.

For this reason, if you are looking to hire interim Talent, it is recommended to work closely with a specialist Interim and Contractor provider. They will be able to point you towards the right people at the right cost and ensure that you and your company are fully compliant.

Be aware of working with unlicensed agencies from abroad. They may claim they are permitted to bring in contractors into your market, however Switzerland is a regulated staffing market requiring companies to hold a specific licenses to provide Interim talent. The agency providing the talent has little risk to working in Switzerland, as they are not the ones at risk of penalties. You and your organization are!

Interims are a real business solution and can work really well, but there is always the potential for it to go wrong, with consequences that could cost you time, money and your personal reputation as a hiring manager.

To learn more about hiring interims in the Life Sciences industry Download our free guide: How to hire Contractors and Interim Managers in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device industry. This guide will help you determine if an interim solution is right for you and will ensure you make the right hiring decision, saving you time and potentially costly mistakes.

What every Life Science Director needs to know about hiring Interims in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device Industry



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Kelly Brändli, Founder and Managing Director of MTS Talent services has over 15 years of experience in the life sciences industry. Since 2010, she has grown MTS Talent into Switzerland’s leading Life Science interim staffing provider, supplying high-caliber Marketing & Medical Affairs Talent on an interim and contract basis.

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