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After five and a half years as a Project Manager at Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation, Susanne Brunner turned Contractor, exchanging the “comfort zone” of a permanent salary, unpaid overtime and organisational uncertainty; all of which are common in the Life Science industry, to become one of our high value EMPs (short for “Experienced Marketing and Medical Professionals”).

Susanne exemplifies the new breed of interim specialists trained in the best schools and companies who choose project-based employment where their skills and experience can have an immediate impact, and can accelerate their careers much faster than many corporate career development paths.

Upon completing an 18-month interim job specialising in haemophilia therapies and improving services for South African haematological service providers, Susanne moved to Takeda for a short-term assignment. Days after the Takeda project finished, she moved her talents into her dream job at the offices of AbbVie in Baar, Switzerland as their Patient Relations & Communications Manager, a position she is still happily engaged with today.

For short-term or for longer projects, high-calibre interims like Susanne, will be up to speed from the moment they step foot into a company, and will bring the key skills needed. The relentless pursuit of lower fixed costs, higher returns and greater flexibility among Life Science companies make interim staffing an ideal alternative for hiring managers and team leaders.

MTS Talent focuses exclusively on identifying and staffing highly qualified Marketing & Medical Affairs Talent with immediate availability in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device industries. Our success derives from a proprietary recruiting process developed over the past six years. Our process allows us to continuously match Marketing and Medical Affairs Professionals across all levels of the organisation to fill resource gaps or add additional capacity for critical projects and during high demand peaks.

As the founder and Managing Director of MTS Talent, and a former Director in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sectors, I am proud to say our firm has never failed to identify a highly qualified specialist to fill the needs requested by our clients. If you’re having difficulty finding the right candidates or are struggling under headcount limits to keep your team fully staffed, MTS Talent can help.

Interims are a real business solution and can work really well, but there is always the potential for things to go wrong, with consequences that could cost you time, money and impact reputations. However, steps can be taken to eliminate that risk, in the form of a robust process for the hiring of Interims.

Download our MTS Talent Guide: How to Hire Contractors and Interim Managers in the Life Science Industry This free guide will help you determine if an interim solution is right for you and will ensure you make the right hiring decision, saving you time and potentially costly mistakes.

What every Life Science Director needs to know about hiring Interims in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device industry

Kelly Brändli, Founder and Managing Director of MTS Talent services has over 15 years of experience in the life sciences industry. Since 2009, she has grown MTS Talent into Switzerland’s leading Life Science interim staffing provider, supplying high-caliber Marketing & Medical Affairs Talent on an interim and contract basis.

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