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MTS Talent is Switzerland’s leading Life Science Interim staffing provider, supplying high-caliber Marketing & Medical Affairs Talent in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device industry on an Interim and contract basis.

Having worked in Marketing Director and hiring manager roles within the industry for large international organisations, we are experts in the field. We know exactly the skills and competencies you are looking for and can quickly provide you with a carefully selected short list of Experienced Marketing and Medical Professionals (EMPs) with the right experience to start delivering fast.

Through our well developed network of Experienced Marketing and Medical Professionals (EMPs), MTS Talent Services can quickly identify the resources you need to fill gaps, strengthen your internal marketing team or acquire specialised skills when you need them, for as long as you need them.

We promise you:


relationship you can trust


Full ownership of all projects, allowing you to delegate to us and providing you relief from the recruitment process


To deliver the Top Talent enabling you to create a high performing team

Kelly Braendli

Kelly Braendli

Founder & Managing Director

MTS Talent Services was born out of a Marketing Director’s career dilemma back in 2009


Several years ago I was asked to lead a major European-wide restructuring project for a Life Science multinational. At that time, I was given a generous budget but shortly following my start I was faced with a major setback due to a hiring freeze and critical resource gaps in my Marketing team.

I was able to solve my problem by using interim contractors to quickly build up a fully staffed team and successfully deliver the project. Realizing that I was not alone in an industry where resource shortages can mean the difference between a year-end bonus or a new opportunity outside the company, I founded MTS Talent Services with the sole purpose of matching highly qualified interim specialists with the needs of Marketing, Medical Affairs and HR Directors.

In today’s Life Science environment, the demand for high-caliber Talent with the right experience and the ability to start immediately is rising dramatically. Today’s career conscious Directors know that they need to remain flexible, look for alternative solutions and find the right Talent to ensure projects are delivered on time and targets are met.

To secure your continued success, you need a partner who has the industry experience and who understands the requirements of the role you need to fill, not to mention has a proven robust hiring process in place to identify the right Talent.

At MTS Talent, we are constantly adding Experienced Marketing and Medical Professionals (EMPs) to our Talent Pool in order to have the right Talent ready to join your team exactly when you need them, for as long as you need them.

I invite you to take a look at a few of the EMPs we have in our Talent pool.

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