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Several years ago I found myself in a situation that I’m sure my fellow Marketing and Medical Affairs Directors know all too well. It’s a situation that we often think will abruptly end our careers or simply push us to throw in the towel.

In my case, I was given a fantastic opportunity running a European-wide restructuring project for a top-tier multinational Life Science company. I was given a generous budget, the usual deadlines and reasonable targets to hit. A project like this one wouldn’t have been anything A-typical or unmanageable, however I was caught off guard by a surprise hiring-freeze that left me significantly understaffed but still expected to deliver.

Hindsight tells me this wasn’t something I should have been surprised about, as headcount limitations and budget cuts are a common occurrence in the industry. However, regardless of the all too common circumstances, this hiring freeze in particular seemed to point to the end of my career. Forced to find a solution, I found myself thinking about how I could find a way to staff my team, without the full time commitment of hiring permanent employees.

Four months into the project we were falling behind faster than we could make up the lost time due to our understaffed team. When I started going into work on Sundays and falling asleep before dinner, it all became clear to me that this couldn’t go on. I knew I needed to turn to interim contractors in order to reach our targets. So, that’s exactly what I did. I staffed my team with fully qualified, professional interims and finished the project within budget and with my dignity, and family in tact.

Ecstatic about my success (and avoiding my near death in the company) I saw a massive gap in the industry and decided that I needed to branch out and fill in these resource gaps for the rest of you with the same industry struggles. MTS Talent was born out of the sweat and tears that go into these crucial times. I knew that if interim staffing worked so well for my team, I wanted to provide the industry with easier access to high calibre interim Marketing and Medical Affairs Talent with the right skills and experience.

Our main goal is to give you access to on demand interims starting from that crucial moment you need them until your project is complete. Have a look at our Talent Pool to get a first look at the type of Top Talent we have in our pool and download our free Ebook to learn more about How to Hire Contractors and Interim Managers in the Life Science Industry.

What every Life Science Director needs to know about hiring Interims in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device industry

Kelly Brändli, Founder and Managing Director of MTS Talent services has over 15 years of experience in the life sciences industry. Since 2010, she has grown MTS Talent into Switzerland’s leading Life Science interim staffing provider, supplying high-caliber Marketing & Medical Affairs Talent on an interim and contract basis.

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